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Best Enduro Rider of All Times by Offroad Champions

1 Juha Salminen (Fin)
Nobody will argue that 7 time World champion Juha Salminen does not belong in first place. No matter what size bike he rides, he showed he can win an Overall WEC championship. If not for his two years in the USA (2 GNCC Championships in dominating fashion), and bad luck in the ISDE (1 time Overall winner and 3 time class winner), his resume would be even more impressive.

2 Giovanni Sala (I)
Sala is an 5 x World champion defeating many great riders in his path. A 3 x Overall ISDE winner and 4 x ISDE class winner. Lead team Italy to 4 ISDE Trophy wins and is a won the very prestigious and competative Overall Italian Enduro Championship 6 times. A true champion in and out

3 Stephane Peterhansel (F)
5 x ISDE Overall (and class) wins (out of the 8 times he was on the French Trophy team), 2 x World champion (in 3 serious tries). If he competed in a single World Enduro round he usually won both days. On top of this, PH is a 1 x winner of the though Gilles Lalay Classic (and multiple Dakar rallies).

4 Stefan Merriman (AUS)
A man that came over from Australia, did not really have a homebase during his racing career, but still managed to get 4 WEC titles, 2 Overall ISDE victories (first one on a 4 stroke), 5 ISDE class wins and 7 x Overall Italian Enduro Champion.

5 Mika Ahola (Fin)
Although there are riders that will have more titles then Ahola, his total accomplishments are better then others. 3 x ISDE Overall Champ, 4 x ISDE class winner, 3 x WEC champ and 5 x runner up (WEC).

6 Sven Erik Jonsson (S)
This Swede captured 6 World titles for Husqvarna, 1 Overall and 4 ISDE class wins. A 2 x Gilles Lalay Classics winner as well. 14 gold medals.

7 Anders Eriksson (S)
7 time world champion, 4 ISDE class wins, member of winning Junior team. Anders got the notch over Kari with a 4 to 2 head to head in the WC Enduro. 13 gold medals

8 Kari Tiainen (Fin)
7 time world champion, runner up Overall at the ISDE in Tulsa and 4 time ISDE class winner. Big part of what Finland is right now as an enduro country. 14 gold medals

9 Paul Edmondson (GB)
Youngest world champion enduro at age 20, 5 x world champion, 4 x ISDE class winner, GNCC runner up and has earned 18 gold medals (record, finished all but 1 of his 19 ISDE’s).

10 Ivan Cervantes (E)
This rider will probably climb in this top 10 list in years to come, but for now he is in 10th. 4 x WEC champ, 1 x Overall ISDE winner, 2 x ISDE class winner and 1 x Indoor World Cup champ.

Riders that could have made the top 10, but didn’t (for now):

-Samuli Aro-Fin (5 time WEC and 4 x ISDE class winner)

-David Knight-GB (2x WEC champ, 1 x ISDE overall winner and 2 x GNCC champion, Endurocross champion)

-Johnny Aubert-F (2 x WEC champion, 1 x ISDE Overall winner, 1 x Italian Overall winner)

Honorable mentions;

-Dick Wicksell-S (2 x ISDE Overall champion and 3 European championships (before there was a WC)

-Petteri Silvan-Fin (4 x WEC champ, 1 x ISDE class winner)

-Mario Rinaldi- I (4 x WEC champ, 2 x ISDE class winner)

-Shane Watts-Aus (1 x Worldchampion, 1 x ISDE Overall winner (on a 125) and 1 x GNCC champion)

-Erwin Schmider-D (10 x European Enduro Champion, 2 x Trophy winner with team Germany)

-Rolf Witthöft-D (7 x European Enduro Champion, 4 x Trophy winner with team Germany)

-Harold Sturm-D (4 x European Enduro Champion)

-Gualtiero Brissoni-I (2 x ISDE Overall and 3 x class winner, 3 x Trophy winner with team Italy)


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Anónimo disse...

Concordo plenamente com esta votação... O Salminen é mesmo um senhor!!!
Adelino Sousa

nacnac disse...

Sem dúvida. O Salminen é o autêntico mister perfect com uma técnica apuradissima e com grande capacidade para evoluir uma mota, ou pelo menos coloca-la a seu gosto, como se viu este ano com a BMW.
A foto que eu escolhi mostra bem toda a sua técnica e eficácia da condução.Temos um piloto com uma técnica muito parecida e que também é o melhor piloto português de todos os tempos..o Helder...